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How many times have you wanted, needed and asked for a third opinion? We at A Third Opinion Solutions give answers to companies who are asking the tough questions. We specialize in providing solutions for those looking to solve problems

ATO Solutions employees have years of industry experience since our beginning in 1987. Let us utilize this knowledge for you to better your organization. Our areas of expertise include both public safety and contact center environments. Teaming up with leading manufacturers in the industry, we have aligned them with our superior service and support, understanding that every decision, both large and small, can greatly impact not only the day to day operations, but also the entire future of an organization

ATO is proud to offer our Customers and Prospects a number of choices to meet their mission critical and quality solutions needs.  

Public Safety Solutions include:
- Liability and Compliance Recording
- Incident Replay Applications
- Next-Generation 9-1-1 tools
- Trunked Radio Integration
- Dispatcher Quality Assurance
- Statistical Reports

Contact Center Solutions include:
- Quality Assurance with Screen Capture
- Coaching and Training Capabilities
- Workforce Management
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