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Experience a customized, scalable, compliant call recording solution with Encore™

dvsAnalytics features Encore Recording Software, a pioneering call and screen recording solution designed to adapt to your organization’s unique specifications and to scale along with your growth.

Encore’s innovative technology meets the needs of contact centers in companies of all sizes in the healthcare, financial services, public safety, consumer and telecom industries. It’s easy to install and maintain, and features a host of capabilities to empower your organization, including:
• 100% or selective recording  • Scalable to thousands of extensions and multiple sites  • PCI and HIPAA compliance  • Built-in quality management  
• Auto-archival  • Desktop and third-party application data capture  • Dual-monitor screen recording  • eCoaching • Server virtualization
• Cloud ready solutions

Encore allows organizations to improve customer service, maintain compliance, reduce risk and liability, settle disputes, verify customer orders and gain key insight. Featuring multiple configuration options, the software operates in a TDM, VoIP and hybrid environment and supports SIP trunk side, station side and more.
Desktop Analytics

Improve performance and ensure compliance with Encore Desktop Analytics

dvsAnalytics' Encore Desktop Analytics improves performance and the customer experience by categorizing important recorded interactions and triggering actions required for compliance.

Encore Desktop Analytics automatically:
• Captures customer- specific data from employees' desktops • Triggers events to protect sensitive information, such as credit cards or personal health information, and maintain regulatory compliance

Identify the most important recorded interactions

Encore Desktop Analytics saves time and dramatically improves the evaluation process by automatically categorizing which recordings to review. Using either Encore eCaptureTM or the Encore Web API, Desktop Analytics automatically extracts user- specified data from desktop applications and saves it in the associated recording files for enhanced retrieval and review. Each group of content including call results, support tickets, customer account numbers, and patient ID's, becomes searchable fields in the recorded interaction database. Also, with enhanced ability to locate customer- or patient- specific recorded interactions, businesses' response time in researching complaints can be decreased from hours to minutes!

Examples of how businesses are using this valuable application include:
• Fraud alerts: Flag multiple calls in a short time period on the same account number.• Denial of service complaints: Rapidly locate all conversations relating to a request, such as a request to transfer a patient into a hospital. Government agency audits: Agencies such as CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) request voice documentation for specific recipients to verify process adherence. •"He said/she said" disputes: Quickly locate all customer- specific communicationsrelating to a particular transaction.• Improvement of business processes: Automatically identify which recordings to
evaluate, such as cancellations, no sales and, first call resolutions

Protect sensitive data and maintain compliance with PCI, HIPAA and other regulations. Utilize Encore Desktop Analytics to protects sensitive data such as, social security numbers, credit cards and, protected health information, Combined with additional Encore compliance features, businesses can rest assured that they have the proper tools to safeguard their customers' data and maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI DSS and other similar regulations.
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