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NICE Systems

Our Products
ATO Solutions, a former partner of Cybertech is proud to have added NICE Systems as one of our available solutions. Nice is a world leader of intent-based recording solutions that deliver recording solutions in real time.  Contact us about a world class solution designed for you.
Nice uses "cross-channel and multi-sensor analytics". This allows businesses and public safety institutions to improve performance and increase efficiency while enhancing safety and security. Nice is currently in over 25,000 organizations and in more than 150 countries.
NICE's offerings for the enterprise and security sectors serve three main needs: improving business performance, decreasing financial risk, and enhancing safety and security. Not only is the Nice system used in police department, sheriff's offices and many other public safety offices it is also a proven solution for the financial industry such as the banking industry, contact centers and workforce management

Contact Center Workforce Optimization Maximizes Efficiency and Effectiveness

Workforce optimization products enable contact centers to improve performance, efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. The solution delivers through unified interaction recording, quality management, workforce management, interaction analytics, performance management, real-time agent guidance and customer feedback.

Financial Trading, Risk and Compliance

Nice solutions enable organizations to capture, monitor and analyze interactions and transactions across multiple communication channels in real time to proactively minimize risks, detect potential regulatory breaches, counter fraudulent activities and improve investigative capabilities.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) and Branches

Advanced capabilities, rapid installation and affordable solutions for contact centers and branch office operations face similar business needs and challenges as those of large contact centers and enterprise environments - regulatory compliance, quality of service, operational efficiency, and customer experience are all top of mind. NICE provides a comprehensive, advanced, easy-to-install, and affordable offering tailored to the needs of SMB and branch operations, including compliance call recording, quality management, workforce management and hosted interaction analytics applications.
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