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Public Safety Agencies

In the world of public safety, where callers' lives can hang in the balance, how well call-takers handle incidents can have life or death consequences.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of calls are placed to 911 centers and other mission critical communication centers around the world. The recordings that capture these communications are vitally important. They can paint a picture of what happened in a way that nothing else can. Recordings don't lie. They can prove an agency's proper handling of a call, and protect against unwarranted claims of negligence. Recordings can also play an essential role in assuring quality service in the communication center, providing a means for agencies to review, assess and improve their call-takers' handling of calls through more effective coaching and training.

Today's 911 centers have an even greater task at hand as well. How to plan for the next generation of 911. With the increase in smart cell phones, internet and other multi-media, 911 centers are looking at how to handle the increase in other types of communications that their centers are sure to be receiving. Text messages, home-made videos, web-chat are just a sample of the new media they will be facing.

In addition, other technologies available to the 911 center, such as CAD, Video, and vehicular location systems make incident reconstruction more of a multi-media incorporation. How to integrate those other media into a single 'incident folder' is a task that takes a new kind of solution.

That's where ATO Solutions can help. We offer several solutions that are NextGen 911 capable so that you can be assured that you will have a solution that not only works today, but will grow with your 911 center into the future. Our systems provide more than just recording as well. Screen recording for quality assurance, training and speech analytics are just some of the advanced features that we offer.

Whether you operate a small public safety operation or a large multi-site network of 911 centers, you can count on ATO Solutions' systems to capture and preserve your vital communications.
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