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REVCORD offers a complete "user friendly" Voice Logging Solution for Public Safety and Commercial Applications. We provide the most comprehensive system on the market today. Whether your organization requires an 8 or 168 channel system, ATO is confident we can accommodate your needs. Whether you are evaluating systems for risk management, control communications, evaluation and training or public safety dispatch, we would love the opportunity to provide a complete, affordable solution at no cost! What IS eliminated is the costly Seat License fees that some competitors attach, but what HAS been added are features like ANI/ALI search capabilities, free seating, record on demand, reporting, evaluation and scoring software as standard, at NO additional cost to the you!
In order to provide an accurate recommendation and/or quote, these are some questions to keep in mind:
1) What is the type and model of your phone system and also, do you use analog, digital and/or voip? If you do not know, just ask the company that installed or services your system.
2) How many extensions would you like to record? Some companies record all extensions and others record only selected extensions.
3) How critical do you consider voice logging to be within your operations? Your answer will help determine if you should consider system redundancy.
4) What is your workweek and how many hours will extensions be recorded? Your answer will help determine storage capabilities.
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